Postpartum Care

Overnight newborn care

I encourage all expectant parents to consider how professional doula support can empower their postpartum experience. It’s common to be advised by well meaning friends and relatives to “enjoy every moment” of your first days with your newborn. In reality, life with a new baby is not that simple. Our culture often falls short of supporting the rest, guidance, and holistic care that we need after the amazing and exhausting work of bringing our babies into the world.

Support from a knowledgeable and compassionate doula helps to fill the gap that is commonly left in postpartum care for families.

How do I support the health of your whole family?

I help you to learn about your baby and gain confidence in meeting your baby’s needs. I help you to stay mindful of your own physical and emotional needs as you heal and grow in your transition to being a parent. I can take care of household tasks to make your home a more orderly and peaceful place in a time that often passes in a sleepy blur.

I am there for your family as you navigate this wonderful, challenging time. I believe that receiving qualified support in the early postpartum period is an essential part of setting the stage for a supported parenting journey.

Services offered include:

– Breastfeeding support and encouragement

– Caring for the infant(s) and/or older children

– Education on safe newborn care including safe sleep, bathing, and feeding

– A calming presence, emotional support, and non-judgmental listening

– Light housework (laundry, dishes, etc.)

– Cooking, grocery shopping, meal planning including vegetarian/vegan, comfort foods, special diets

– Community resources and referrals for additional postpartum services

–  Evidence based research on a range of parenting practices

–  Babywearing education

Overnight Doula Care

I provide expert night time infant care so that parents can feel at ease resting and caring for themselves after their baby’s birth. Overnight care is customized to each family’s needs and supports their chosen feeding preferences and routines. Bottle feeding, breastfeeding, pumping, and combination feeding families can all utilize this invaluable service.

Overnight care can be offered in conjunction with birth doula and/or daytime postpartum doula support, and I’d love to answer your questions about the logistics of this type of care and how my night time care has helped new parents feel more rested and confident. I offer current birth clients a discounted rate on overnight postpartum care.


The joy of welcoming multiple babies at once is exciting, and comes with its own unique challenges as well. I love supporting new parents of twins in the postpartum period. Contact me to discuss how I can help you to welcome your babies into your family in a more supported (and rested!) way.

Give the gift of a Doula

Are you looking for a thoughtful gift for an expectant parent in your life? Consider giving the gift of postpartum doula services to help with the transition to new parenthood.

As an expectant parent, consider adding postpartum doula services to your baby registry (sites like allow this option), or ask friends and family to donate to a doula fund as a way to set up a network of support once the baby has arrived.

Gift certificates and payment plans are available. Please contact me for more information.

Curious about my work with new families? I provide experienced, compassionate, trauma-informed care to all parents. If you would like to learn more about my experience with LGBTQ families, single parents, parenting after a challenging birth experience, special needs babies, blended families, or parents whose vision for their postpartum experience resembles yours, be in touch. Curious about what doula support looks like for birthing and postpartum parents? Explore my Families Share:Testimonials.