Birth Doula Services

Birth doula western ma

As your doula, I will be part of your supportive, knowledgeable, and empowering birth team.

How will I help? Through gentle, encouraging words, a firm touch or suggestions on position changes to ease the pressure of contractions, a backrub when you need a moment’s rest, a listening ear when you feel discouraged or afraid.

I am a trained professional with experience in providing comfort measures in labor, including hand-on support, suggestions for optimal positions for laboring, and extensive knowledge of the emotional, physical, and spiritual stages of labor.

I provide emotional support and encouragement. The complex interplay of hormones during labor is strongly affected by the birthing parent’s emotional state. I can help to create a relaxed, calm, and supported environment in which hormones can flow in a natural, pleasant, and undisturbed manner.

I help support informed decision making. I am knowledgeable about the risks, benefits, and alternatives to many procedures commonly suggested during labor and birth, and can provide information to aid empowerment in the birth environment. I always strive to support and empower all of your interactions with your care provider.

My support is for the birthing parent and partners too. I provide emotional support for partners, suggest ways that they can support the labor and birth, and help them to be an active part of an informed decision making process. Many partners of birthing people have later told me that they felt that my support enabled them to relax and provide support at their comfort level, without pressure to be an “expert”. The support that I provide as a birth doula will never make your partner’s support feel less important or integral to your birth experience.

My support is for all births, no matter how they unfold. I have no agenda for your labor and birth, except for the desire for you to feel supported and cared for.

I attend births at Cooley Dickinson Hospital, Holyoke Medical Center, Baystate Franklin Medical Center, and Baystate Medical Center, Berkshire Medical Center, Mercy Medical Center, and homebirths within 45 minutes of Northampton. I am sometimes available to provide doula support to families in Southern Vermont and Northern Connecticut.

Curious about my experience? Do you have questions about how I have supported families through home-birth, unmedicated hospital birth, hypnosis for birth, planned cesarean, epidural-supported labor, vaginal birth after cesarean, vaginal and cesarean birth of twins, surrogacy Explore my Families Share:Testimonials Page, and contact me. I look forward to talking with you!