Families Share

Greenfield ma doula


“Jean was instrumental in our birth experience being the way we had envisioned and hoped it would be. Her role as our doula was multidimensional. She helped us prepare for the journey ahead by exploring with us our fears and giving my partner confidence in his supportive role. Jean’s loving hands and words allowed me to surrender to the laboring process. She provided my partner and I space to connect and be in solitude at times when that was preferred. Choosing to give birth in a hospital setting, Jean became our advocate during times when high-stakes decisions needed to be made. Her expertise was invaluable. Her presence was loving, calm, and supportive. Jean is magic and we hold such deep respect and gratitude for the important work she does.”

B&C, unmedicated hospital birth


“I found Jean through the Green River Doula Network. We interviewed two others from that network, but we felt an immediate connection with Jean. We also selected her because she talked to both of us, when so many doulas focused exclusively on me. I knew my husband needed as much support as I did, and we felt like Jean understood that.”

“I was dead-set on a birth without pain medicine. I thought a doula would help me through the difficult periods in labor to help me achieve my goal. Unfortunately, our baby was breach and it wasn’t discovered until very late. Jean helped me find an incredible network of people (acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, etc) to encourage our baby to flip. We tried everything and she just wouldn’t budge. I was devastated, but Jean helped me through that as well. Our c-section was a truly beautiful experience, despite my disappointment. She took beautiful photos of our birth experience. She scrubbed in like a champ for the c-section. And was a quiet, steady, supportive presence through our entire pregnancy and birth. I would have changed the breach presentation, but I wouldn’t have changed anything about Jean.”

S&J, cesarean birth


“We knew when we met with Jean prenatally that she was the right doula for our family. I was having a complicated pregnancy after a long season of infertility. It was an intense and emotional time full of uncertainty. We needed a steady, non-judgmental support person who respected our decisions no matter what. We needed someone on our side who could just listen and hold the space. We needed to be allowed to make our own meaning out of our experiences. Jean was the perfect fit: a excellent listener, deeply respectful of us and our process. As it turned out our birth was incredibly fast, so fast that our baby was born at home with just us and Jean! She kept her head and stayed grounded which was exactly what was needed. She even remembered to take some pictures of our older child meeting his sibling which I cherish. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for an experienced, compassionate, open minded and respectful presence at your birth.”

A&B, home birth


“Jean’s non-judgmental, supportive listening style made me feel empowered to make the choices that have been best for me and my family throughout this process. I have had interactions with lots of medical and community support people throughout my pregnancy and the first few months postpartum, and Jean’s support stands alone as the most empowering. I will always remember how good she made me feel about my birth choices.”

H, postpartum


“Before meeting Jean I never thought of myself as someone who would want a doula at my birth…In my mind doulas were for hippies or “touchy feely” people that wanted to give birth in the middle of the woods. However, minutes after meeting Jean we knew we wanted to have her there. She was a combination of calm and nurturing while also being direct and confident in her skills that we liked instantly.

Given how much we liked having Jean at the birth she was the obvious choice for the postpartum doula care we needed. She helped me with new mom tasks that I found very intimidating at the time, and helped me feel more confident in the care I gave my daughter. She was also an ear for anything I needed to talk about.  (And I mean anything).

I simply cannot imagine the birth of my daughter without Jean, and I wouldn’t want to.”

A&C, birth and postpartum


“My husband and I met with Jean and were immediately put at ease with her knowledge and experience, as well as her calm and relaxed demeanor.

Jean supported me through many late night questions about birth and labor. She accompanied me to a midwife appointment and met with my husband and dog before the big day. We discussed at length my wishes for my birth. Jean was always willing to listen, and helped me advocate for what I wanted and needed. Through the whole process Jean was calm, warm and attuned to the needs of my husband and me. My husband and I have spoken frequently about our daughter’s birth and how helpful Jean was.”

K&S, hospital birth


“Jean was everything I wanted in a doula- comforting, calm, wise, and encouraging- but also invaluable in ways I couldn’t have anticipated before childbirth. Her combination of skill, intuition, and diplomatic kindness with nurses and doctors turned what was heading toward a c-section into a healthy, natural birth to the happiness and surprise of everyone in the room, especially me! I can’t imagine a better doula, and I hope to have her by my side if I have another child.”

C&M, hospital birth