About Jean

northampton birth doula

I began my work as a doula in Asheville, North Carolina before embarking on my own journey into parenthood. I was trained in 2011 as a birth and postpartum doula with DONA International, and I attended my first births as a volunteer doula with Start From Seed, a small nonprofit that provided doula services to high risk, low income parents. Since then I have attended over sixty births in Western Massachusetts and have supported more than twenty five families through their postpartum period. I approach my work with the simplest of philosophies: that we all deserve informed, compassionate care as we become parents, and that this support has profound and lasting effects on our emotional and physical health.

I live in Northampton with my partner and two kids, and I am eternally grateful to my community for guiding me through my own experience of becoming a parent. I am an active member of the Green River Doula Network and have served on its board since 2014.